Wednesday, 24 May
Wednesday Only Rockenrolla

Thursday, 25 May
The best of 70\'s, 80\'s, 90\'s с легендата Данчо Стълбицата
Имало едно време едно предаване и то се казвало Музикална Стълбица. По времето на комунизма това било единственото предаване, което пускало упадъчната музика от Запада. Хората с нетърпение чакали четвъртък вечер с включени за запис магнетофони и касетофони. Човекът, който го създаде и продължава да го води и до днес се казва Йордан Георгиев по-известен като Данчо Стълбицата. И всеки четвъртък вечер пуска в Рокенрола хитовете от онова славно време, а в началото на вечерта представя всички нови излезнали албуми на рок бандите.

Friday, 26 May
Rockenrolla\'s Rock, Dance & Karaoke Party

Saturday, 27 May
Rockenrolla\'s Rock, Dance & Karaoke Party

Sunday, 28 May
Sunday Only Rockenrolla

Monday, 29 May
Classic Rock

Tuesday, 30 May
Tuesday Only Rockenrolla

Seven years ago the first rock bar in Sofia opened its doors after the long invasion of \"chalga\" clubs. Since then it not only established itself as one of the leading bars in Sofia, but also showed that not everything is chalga and that there are people who want to listen to other music and have fun normally. As one client wrote \" one of the few places where you can see so many smiling faces.\" Тhe lack of posturing, the casual atmosphere and the foreigners who have become a big part of our regular customers. This is a place where you can watch the concert of your favourite performer, the match of your favourite team, to dance or just listen to good music with a bottle of beer without severely ruining your daily budget. However, if, you decide to try out your singing abilities then there is a special karaoke hall, where hidden talents can truly shine. A lot of people accuse us that we play only hits and our music is soft. However, as the name suggests, we are a rock club, not heavy metal and if you like trash or black metal this isn\'t your club. But, if you are a true rock fan, you can party here till dawn. The full capacity is 500 people, but the separate halls make it suitable for parties of 50. Rock\'n\'rolla is a different choice for the people who are fed up with all the new hit clubs, full of bodyguards and posers.